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Post by DoggieGirl808 on Sat Jun 26, 2010 10:41 am

......HAPPY BIRTHDAY POLLYTOAD!!!!!!!!!!!! wow! tongue big smile LOL queen albino What a Face alien Very Happy Shocked Razz Cool cheers sunny study flower thumbs up

It's our amazing admin's 16th birthday today! So let's take the time to thank her for, first of all, making this site! Also for being so nice to us all, and for giving us the gift of her awesome writing.

Thanks for everything PT! We love you!!!

Fellow Scribbler and First Mod

My life will never be the same since You wrote Your name on my paper heart!

I am the 9th person who registered here on the Scribbler =)

She says you'll never be anybody =(
I say you'll always be somebody =)

(^^orginal quote by me 11/12/09)

I'm so ninjaaa ;.) ninja
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Short Story Writer

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