I live in the Shadows

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I live in the Shadows

Post by Master Rypli on Sun Nov 22, 2009 10:35 pm

This story has to do with a little girl who always felt she was alone in the world.

It all began that one day when this one little girl named Emily was born then the whole world changed.
She wasn't like other girls... it was as though she was her own person and she didnt get the nicest comments. It was more like insults the boys and girls gave her. She didnt have any friends... even her own parents hated her.
But you are hearing me ramble we are not getting to the story!

[center]Chapter 1

"GET UP YOU LITTLE GIRL!!!!" a loud shout said. "What? It's Saturday I can sleep in today! What do you want?" Emily said. "Your little black cat has been going in my room over and over again! Keep this furball under control or it's going OUT" the girl said. Emily was aggrivated by her sisters acting of her black cat. "Sorry bout that Midnight!" Emily said. "No I'm sorry. I thought I saw a bright light in her room." Midnight said. You see Midnight was a cat as you may know, but like I said before Emily wasn't a normal girl so she could talk to animals was one of her abilitys. "What do you mean? Bright light Midnight?" "You see Doll your not a normal girl. I mean one of your abilitys is to talk to animals when everybody doesnt know what I'm saying... you see the light always seems to disapear when I get close to it... so maybe you can see what this light is. Maybe it's like a seal of some sort." Midnight said. Emily looked down then looked at herself in the mirrior. She knew she wasnt normal then said. "Maybe your right." "I know I'm right Doll you should check it out!" "What now?! Your crazy lets wait till night ok?"

Chapter Two coming SOON!!!!!!!!
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Master Rypli
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Re: I live in the Shadows

Post by Pollytoad on Tue Nov 24, 2009 8:23 pm

Pretty Good!
But it would look better if you put a space after each sentence. :)
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