The Five Children

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The Five Children

Post by Master Rypli on Sun Nov 22, 2009 10:12 pm

The Five Children

Main Characters
Lise: A young women who is looking for a husband to support her family

Will: A 5 year old boy who helps take care of his sick mother with his older sister Sam and is a very energetic boy.

Sam: A 14 year old teenager who helps take care of her sick mother

Edward: The husband who helps take care of the family and supports the family.

Mary: The sick wife who has a terrible disease.

Jill: The 12 year old fraternal twin of Lourie who looks for a job to help raise money for the family

Lourie: The 12 year old fraternal twin of Jill who looks for a job as well as her sister

Charles: The young lad who is a childhood friend of Lise and is quite rich

Other Characters

Mr. Julian: The man who was kind enough to give Jill and Lourie a job.

King Harold: The ruler of a far off land commonly known as “Faux Gardens”

Queen Lillian: The queen and wife of King Harold

Soldier: The kind and yet strong soldier that accompanied Jill and was great friends with Charles.

Jeeves: Charles personal house servant. He has a good pay from his master and is not only a servant but a good trustworthy friend.

If you don’t believe miracles can happen turn away now and never read this. This is your last warning. You’re still here? Well, then let’s get on with this story.
It was another day of the cold winter evening, and the family was in need of money and was hungrier then ever. When Lise came back from her long day at work, she brought in a special surprise everyone needed. Everybody was hungry, but today what Lise brought would make everyone happy. But could they survive after this night? Could this night be like a Thanksgiving from the Great Depression? This story takes place earlier than that.

“Papa! We have a special guest who brought us food, medicine, blankets, and even some gold to spare us some food for ourselves.” “Oh really, Lise? And who is this someone you speak of?” Papa said. Then all of a sudden a loud yet cheerful cry is heard. “Papa, it’s Charles, Lises’ friend! Oh, Mama will be so happy!” It was Will. “Shh, Will! Mama is sleeping! She is very exhausted and you know that! She’s not gonna get any better with you yelling!” “I’m sorry, Sam….”

Lise was a little embarrassed about the acting of Sam and Will. Well, at least, when she brought her friend over. “Ha ha! Oh, Lise, I love your siblings and how they argue! It feels like when I was a young boy.” “Well, I know how you acted, of course! Charles we’ve known each other for such a long time that we both know how we both acted!” “Yes, of course, I know how YOU acted, Lise.” In the other room, overhearing Lise and Charles talking, Papa was taking a look at what Charles had brought for the family for the night. “Bread, apples, pie, cheese, cream, butter, celery, some meat, 15 pieces of gold, and 5 blankets. I guess we will have a good and big dinner for the night.” “Ed! Come in here please.” It wasn’t often when Mary called Ed in. As he walked in his wife’s room, he looked at her. She looked so in pain. Everyone knew that she was dying, even so herself. “Yes? Are you feeling ok?” Ed asked. Mary sighed with pain; yet, the love in her eyes was lovely. “Ed I don’t think I can last any longer. I think just maybe I will perish in less that one week.” “Don’t say that Mary! You will get better! I promise,” he said, lying a little. She shook her head. “I don’t think you understand… I’m… dying…” she said weakly. “Now, please help me up so I can go and see Charles. I want to see my children and smell the crisp winter weather outside.” And so that night, the family had a great and full meal. Their troubles were still ahead yet put aside to enjoy this special night.
That night the mother awoke from her sleep and looked at her husband who was sound asleep. She walked out from her room and out of the house hacking and coughing. She looked down at the cold winter ground and looked back up and closed her eyes. For some reason it looked like she wasn’t in pain at the moment. It was as though the cold winter breeze somehow enlightened her. “For once I feel… well.” As she was still standing and she thought about happier times – before she was diagnosed with her sickness. Then a moment later she heard someone walking right behind her. “Mama? What are you doing out here? It’s terribly cold out here.” It was Jill. “The question is what are you doing out here. Better yet, what are you doing awake? It’s very late for you to be up,” Mama said. “I couldn’t sleep. I’m so worried about you, and our house. It might be taken away from us. And I need a job for that not to happen,” Jill said worriedly. Jill was not educated since her family was so poor – none of her family was – well, besides her parents, but that was pretty much it. She was only 12 years old and needed a job. Everybody did. Even Will, a 5 year old boy needed a job but he couldn’t get one. There were two reasons: one, too young and two, he couldn’t handle the pressure. There pretty much were no jobs. There were only blacksmiths, woodcutters, bartending, and tailoring. “I need a job, Mama, so that nothing can be taken away from us. Lourie and I applied for one today. The man said he would give an answer in two days – but I don’t know if he would choose us.” “Jill, that’s absurd for you to think he wouldn’t choose you both! Of course he’ll choose you; I’m sure of it.” As they both stared out into the world the sun rose. It was the dawning of a new promise, it seemed. As they both walked back into the house, they went back to sleep.
“Jill! Jill! Wake up! How long are you going to stay asleep?” “That sound sounds so familiar…” Jill thought. “Ugh… what is it?” as she scratched her head. “Rise and shine Sleeping Beauty! Do you know what time it is? Come on! Get out of bed!” It was Lourie. “Now, now what is this all commotion?” Mary said as she walked in. “Oh Jill was just sleeping in again…,” Lourie said. “Hey, Lourie, don’t we have to go see that man who we applied for jobs to?” “Oh no! I almost forgot. Come on, we have to go see him NOW!” The thought of Jill sleeping in to Lourie was very absurd. She and her family were in need of food and gold and Jill was just sleeping in? After the twins had their meal, they ran to check about their jobs. Panting as they finally reached the place they saw the man who had taken their applications. His name was Mr. Julian. “Well it looks like you got here just in time. Any later and I would’ve given the job to someone else.” The twins were not expecting Mr. Julian saying these words – those key words that sounded like hope to the family. “Um excuse me Mr. Julian but did you just say… you would’ve? Does that mean we have the jobs?!” Lourie said happily. “Ho ho, oh, yes. I did just give you jobs. You start now!” Julian said happily. Joyfully, the twins got to work, but the happiness would end for them soon.
Joyfully the twins skipped their way home. “Oh my goodness. Mother will be so proud of us! We’re like big grownups now!” Jill said. Grownups, eh? Will they be grownup enough to know what will happen next? When they returned home. Will was standing outside, crying as if he were a baby when his bottle was taken away from him. “Jill! Lourie! It’s horrible. These mean men were coming and took away my toys and our house! And even Lise and Sam are crying because something bad happened to Mommy!” he cried. “Wait, Will. What happened to mom?” Lourie said bending down to Will’s height. “I – I don’t know. All I know is something bad has happened,” he said sobbing. As Jill and Lourie saw their father walking their way, they stood back up and ran quickly to their father. “Dad what is going on here?” Jill said. “I’m afraid I have some bad news, my child.” The father took a deep breath and looked at his children right in the eye and said, “Your mother has perished… and the government has taken our house… and I am afraid I have the sickness your mother has given me. It will be my time soon.” The horror struck the twins very hard now. Not only had their mother died, but their entire belongings had been taken away – and soon, their father. “B-b-but Father. Mother was alive this morning. What happened while we were gone?” Lourie said. As their dad was explaining the sad story, Jill just walked right past them, for she did not want to hear the dreadful news. She wanted to see it herself. “Halt! Were do you think your going?” The stern voice did not frighten Jill, for she was not afraid of anything. She looked at the tall soldier that had stopped her. Soldiers were something to be afraid of; and if you mistreated them or said something ugly or nasty to them, they would slash your throat in a nano-second. “Why are you stopping me? I wish to have my last look at my mother before you take away my house! I have a right, you know, in the name of King Harold!” Jill said bravely. “You are so brave for talking to a soldier that way. I could cut your head off, but your bravery astonishes me!” the soldier said. Surprised, Jill looked back at him and could see he was quite amazed at her words. In a kinder more mannerly voice Jill said, “Please, sir, may you escort me to my mother? I wish to see her.” “Of course my lady.”

As Jill and the soldier entered the house, Jill felt a cold feeling and it wasn’t the winter weather. It was as if a soul was wandering around and kept on going around, making Jill dizzy. “Ugh. I’m so cold,” she said shivering. “Well it is winter. Maybe it’s the wind,” The soldier said. “No, it’s not the wind. It’s like my mother were still here,” Jill said strongly. “Well here’s your mother’s room, and you will see her body once you enter. Please take your time, and when you wish to leave just say ‘ready’ – because this will be your last time you will ever see her,” the soldier said sadly. “Thank you, sir,” Jill said. As Jill entered the room, there she was – her mother. Jill fell to her knees crying like she never had before. But, who can blame her? Her mother died, and her father got the disease, and now she has to live on the streets. “Why? WHY? Why does this happen Mother?” Jill said still crying. There was no response; her mother was gone. Jill sighed and touched her mother’s hand. She saw this book next to her mother. “What is this? Could this be… my mothers’ journal?” she said curiously. Jill opened it and saw many entries, mostly about how her history, back to happier times. Jill held the journal close to her chest and put it in her pocket. “They can take this whole house but they can’t take this,” Jill sighed. “Ready!” she shouted. “Are you sure? Not any longer,” the soldier said. “I’m ready; please escort me out.” Jill ordered. After she got out, the whole family was crying, seeing their house being destroyed and their mother along with it. “What do we do now, Daddy?” Will said. The father put his hand on his son’s shoulder and said “I don’t know, Will. I really don’t know.”
Living on the streets now, and in the winter, Sam was worried, cold, and most of all hungry. Sam looked at Jill who was reading some sort of book and crying, most of all. As she walked to her sister she said, “What are you reading?” “Do you really wanna know? It’s Mamas old journal,” Jill said. Sam paused. “Mother had a journal?” she said, hesitantly. “I want to keep this secret, Sam please don’t tell anyone that I have this, ok?” Jill said quietly. “Don’t worry it’s in the vault,” Sam said. Sam and Jill read the journal all night there was one line that made the two so sad. “My time is coming soon and Edward is not aware that he, too, has this dreadful disease that has cursed my life. I will one day smell the flowers in that place up in the sky, and it will be sensational. Ed and I will be happy and waiting for the children to come up with us. I’m afraid that Ed will perish quite quickly, though, so our new life will begin quickly.” They read this over and over again. After awhile, Jill fell asleep but Sam kept reading the journal and said to herself, “This all that we have – a reminder of her.” Then, she fell asleep.

The next day the father died just like the journal said. And then the kids were left in the streets. “I got a message from Charles. It said that he will take us in, but it’s a long journey,” Lise said. Everyone was quiet. Lourie spoke up, “Ugh… Lise! Both of our parents just died and you want us to go to your ‘man friends’ house? You know what, Lise, you always know the perfect moment to say something absurd!” Lise was shocked. She had never heard her sister say something like that, but it got worse. Everyone got into a fight saying rude, ugly things. Then Will shouted, “Stop it! You people are always fighting or arguing and if you’re not doing that, then you’re not doing anything at all. We never ever act like a family! Am I the only one who sees that in all of us?” Everyone was quite, even Lise. They all looked at each other – disappointed at each other. Then Lourie spoke up again and sighed, “Our little baby brother is right, you all. We never act like a family. And now when he grows up he will think of us and say ‘they were the worst, the absolute worst.’ And the worst part is, he’s right.” Lourie looked behind her and everyone thought the same thing. They all hugged and it was over. The fight was over.

As the children reached the city that Charles was in, they all went to his house. He welcomed them all in. “You all must be tired. I have rooms prepared for all of you. Jeeves! Escort everyone to their new bedrooms. And then show them to the kitchen. They will be delighted with the food that is prepared for them.” Charles ordered. “Very well, sir,” Jeeves said. An hour passed and everyone was full of food and, for once, was warm and happy – the first time since the death of the children’s parents. “Don’t you think it’s your bedtime sibs? Off to bed with you.” Lise said. As the children raced upstairs to their new bedrooms, Charles also said, “Jeeves you can have the rest of the night off. I will take things from here.” “Thank you sir,” Jeeves said. The room was quiet, and only Charles and Lise were in the room. A couple of minutes passed and Charles said, “Lise, I wanted to tell you something.” “What is it?” Lise said. Charles got down on his knees and said, “Lise, I knew you needed help. I mean your family is nearly gone and all you have are your siblings and – ” he sighed and continued, “me.” Lise was confused. She didn’t know what was happening, really. But then she seemed to understand more and more. Was Charles proposing? Lise finally asked, “Charles, are you really doing what I think your doing? Are you, well, trying to propose?” Charles was shocked but he nodded his head and finally asked, “Lise will you let me offer you to take your hand in marriage?” Lise paused and flashbacks raced through her head – about all the times she and Charles had done in the past and finally answered his question, “I will!” Charles was surprised, yet happy. “Lise will you marry me?” and Lise answered quickly, “yes!” and hugged Charles.
This is pretty much the end of our story. What? You’re still here? You want to know what happened to the family? Well, Lise and Charles got married and had a splendiferous wedding. The family ended up getting acquainted with King Harold and Queen Lillian, the rulers of the land. The children end up being one of the wealthiest people of the land. Will ended up being a famous blacksmith, the twins were the most famous tailors, Sam ended up being the most popular and most trusted doctor. They all made huge profits. All of them did. What? You want to know what happened to Lise and Charles? Oh, they were too busy being parents of their children, but everyone still lived with each other. So you could say this is a “happily ever after…” But you see? Miracles do happen. Never forget that.


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Re: The Five Children

Post by Pollytoad on Tue Nov 24, 2009 9:19 pm

Great story! It reminded me of a movie I saw, called "Old Fashion Thanksgiving" :)
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Re: The Five Children

Post by Switchfoot on Mon Dec 14, 2009 7:28 pm

Good story! :)
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Re: The Five Children

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