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Official Roleplay Rules Empty Official Roleplay Rules

Post by Pollytoad on Thu Nov 19, 2009 4:00 pm

1. Follow ALL of the Scribbler's Official Roleplay Rules.
2. No powerplaying or godmoding.
3. Keep romance to only hugging and kissing.
4. Keep it all PG.
5. Do not use red or blue ink, as they are reserved for mods
6. Use your best grammar and spelling.
7. Remember, everyone has flaws, so try not make your character perfect.
8. Respect other roleplayers.
9. No graphic

10. If you create a roleplay you must put this in the beginning of post and fill it out:
Maturity(kissing, dating, ext.):
Fantasy(vampires, werewolves, ext):

Any violation of rules, a warning will be layed upon the offender. Twice, a ban for a day. Any more after that could be banned for over a week.
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