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Post by BriannaRose on Sat Jul 17, 2010 1:19 pm

Hey guys, I'm BriannaRose. I made an account just before this as BreeLilly, but I typed in my friends e-mail wrong, so I used another friends(trust me, I had both of their permissions). You can just call me Bree, or Brianna, whichever you choose, I'll respond. I'm a down-to-earth kind of girl from Minnesota, and I love to RP. I've been RPing since I was 11, in 6th grade, and I am now 14 going into 9th grade, so about 3 years. I try really hard to make good characters, and to write a lot when I roleplay, but I was never really good at English. I'm much better at art though. Infact, here are links to my two art accounts:
I don't currently have a DeviantART, but I'm thinking about getting one. Both of those sites bove are for digital art, like for me I draw using an electronic tablet. I do draw with a pencil and paper, too, so that's why I'm thinking of a DA.
Well enough about my art, lets get back to more about me. As I said I'm 14 and I'm going to be a freshman. I live in Moosville, Minnesota (NOT a real town, I get asked that a lot, it's from "Hannah Montana").I can be loud, abnoxious, and annoying, but I will always listen to your problems. I'm a dancer, I've been dancing since I was about 2 or 3 years old. I'm pretty good at it, and I'd better be for how much we pay my sudio every year.
Well I'm done talking, that's pretty much it anyways, if there's anything I'm missing, or if I gave away too much, just ask me or just tell me, kay? Please dont be all "You, you can't put that on here! That's against the law!" blah blah blah. Please, just be civilzed and say "Oh, I'm sorry, but you shouldn't have that on here, could you please take it down?" We live in the 21st century for petesake, we don't have to act like animals towards eachother.
(By the way, in case someone is wondering, yes, I copied and pasted this from another site. RPCentral, incase anyone here is from there too??..)
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BriannaRose Has Arrived Empty Re: BriannaRose Has Arrived

Post by DoggieGirl808 on Tue Aug 24, 2010 3:50 pm

Hi =)

Sorry I'm late in seeing this. Welcome to the Scribbler! I'm Doggie, one of the mods here. Hope ya have a fun time here =)


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BriannaRose Has Arrived Empty Re: BriannaRose Has Arrived

Post by Pollytoad on Sat Sep 18, 2010 5:36 pm

Hey, Welcome to the Scribbler!! :)
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BriannaRose Has Arrived Empty Re: BriannaRose Has Arrived

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