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Guess that song!

Post by DoggieGirl808 on Fri Jul 02, 2010 9:16 am

The title says all. I will post a few lyrics to a song, and you have to guess the artist and the song title. To make this more fun, I'm adding a point system.

Correct artist: +2 points
Correct song title: +2 points
Incorrect artist: -1 point
Incorrect song title: -1 points
Both correct: +5 points
Both incorrect: -5 points (but if you have less than 5 points, you automatically go to zero)

And a few rules to keep things fair and orderly:

1. Obey all of the site rules (duh)
2. No looking at other people's posts to help you guess. That's like looking in an answer key, and ruins the whole game.
3. No checking song lyrics on YouTube, Google, etc... to see if it's the song I posted. It must be completely from memory.
4. Have fun!

The first set of lyrics are:

I think you and I should stay the same

Guess away!

~Doggie Razz

My life will never be the same since You wrote Your name on my paper heart!

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She says you'll never be anybody =(
I say you'll always be somebody =)

(^^orginal quote by me 11/12/09)

I'm so ninjaaa ;.) ninja
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