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Post by Master Rypli on Sun Mar 14, 2010 11:53 pm

As you know the Aliens have come down to eath they secretly stink there thumb and they drive with there car windows opean... you humans and us warriors have come together to fight these aliens they ride in teddy bear sausrers and their snot is what you humans call sap... and what else you call forks and spoons are actually their skeltens... some aliens are lucky enough to be capurted by humans and inject human DNA into them they are stills aliens... when you encounter one you get zits as scars.... so yes to recover from one when an alien touches you.... the concrete... or the wall..... so us researchers are working on to sestroy the aliens.... be careful when you see a person who plays german music called poulka and when you see the car windows opean there are aliens around... beware... the aliens are here......
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