A Thousand Points of View

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A Thousand Points of View

Post by SimplyMe on Thu Feb 04, 2010 10:24 pm

Maturity: I mean, its written basically on a mix of my fantasies and fears. So there is kissing, I'll get rid of any stray innuendo and curses.
Fantasy: It's a realistic fiction, set 20 years into the future, after an unidentified disaster and the emergence of new animal species.

Beginning Thoughts

They are called strange, monsters, dangerous, unnatural. And yet these new things, these hybrids, are anything but. No one thinks about the science that thrives on these new creatures. No one realizes how much knowledge they've given us about DNA and the wonders of evolution. Just the way no one points out that these things are living reminders of what happened on that autumn day two decades back.
The disaster itself is called natural, but the results are seen as something to rid the world of. But what reserves us the right to erase a species off the face of the earth? Our two legs, that we now share with the Chicks? Or our reasoning, that we share with these hybrids? How can it be we are superior, when these animals were able to make themselves a home out of nothing at all, and we need massive amounts of supplies to live day to day?
This is what this expedition is all about. Twenty high school students under the guidance of biologists, learning about the 'monsters' who are young enough not to be in our textbooks, but old enough to be taught about in class.
For those of you just joining my world, everything started on October 22 of 2010. This day was also the day when everything stopped. Technology was at a standstill, except for natural disaster prevention and education. Every available man was put towards helping the victims, every scientist watching the aftermath closely. Even my own father. The one who never stepped out of his office to work, who was always the one to take some other expert's raw data and turn it into a new discovery.
But that is what the Disaster did. It took million's of homes away from children. It destroyed anything that wasn't smart enough to clear its path. And it took my father and moved him cross country. So I plan to follow him, this summer. This summer will be one of reunions, revelations, discoveries, and, well, surprises.

Part 1: The Before Picture
Left Alone

She really was beautiful, despite all her insistances. Her hair, well, it could only be described as a sunset. The roots were a bright red, almost dizzingly so as the sunlight sparkled on them. The ends were bleached blonder from the sun, and there was every shade of scarlet in between. And the freckles splattered across her nose, I had to will myself not to lean in and kiss each one.
She looked up from her homework; Aubree was always doing homework. Even when she should have been focasing on something else. Her eyes were brown, but if you studied them, and that I did, you could see the brown gave way to green. She met mine, and blushed. Oh God.
"What?" She demanded, tucking a loose curl behind her ears. She looked away, embarassed by my own unapologetic gaze. Too much. I reached out and ran my finger over her toes, the only part I could reach from my seat on the floor. She giggled, and turned back over to face me. "Stop that," She squealed, and nudged my head with her foot. It was on.
"What, this?" I ran my fingers lightly over her smooth calves, still pale despite the summer weather. She laughed some more, and leaned over the edge of the bed, reaching for my stomach, trying to get me back. Soon we were on the floor, chest to chest, wrestling like a pair of siblings, and unfortunetly for her, I soon had her hands clasped in mind, preventing any further tickling touch.
"Say Uncle," I commanded, but she shook her head, her curls sending a smell of lemon they had hidden away. I laughed too, and squeezed her hands. "Come on now, say Uncle," But she wouldn't, just squeezed back.
It was like a movie. The slow ballad wafted from my radio, and I took her hands and put them on my shoulders, and cupped my own around her hips. We were swaying in time, and she looked flushed, and unsure. As I tried to reel her in closer, she stiffened, and my hands dropped unwillingly to my sides.
"Aubree?" I asked, as she turned back to my bed where her books were scattered. She didn't answer, just arranging her books into a near perfect stack, and turning back to me. Her eyes were cold, not the warm earthy tones of before, but now the cold ones of a dark forest.
"I have to go," She huffed, and whirled past me in a blur of red hair. "Thanks for having me, Matt," She called over her shoulder.
Again. She left, again. She left, and kept coming back. I sat on the bed, my head rushing with the smell of her hair and the feel of her hands in mine. A paper crunched under me, and I shifted over. It was an information sheet.
Congratulations on your acceptance into our Biologist summer program The address was somewhere in Utah, and the top of the sheet, in her scratchy handwriting, read the words "Dear Matt." And nothing else.
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Re: A Thousand Points of View

Post by Pollytoad on Sat Feb 06, 2010 9:59 am

This is really good! You are a great writer. Write more soon! :)
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