The Hornwaldan War

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The Hornwaldan War

Post by hoodedwarbler12 on Sun Jan 31, 2010 6:15 pm

Maturity: Well, this is a war
Fantasy: Nothing Graphic

Welcome to the Hornwaldan War! Read the rules first:

1. Nothing graphic (I know it's a war, but you don't actually see the battles)
2. You can represent only two characters (Preferably one on each side)
3. Post your agreement to the rules along with this form:

Character Name:
Owl or Snake (also post species):
Boy or girl?:
Character Age:
Related to (optional) (If you want to be related to any other character, be sure to post how you're related):

Now, on with the story!

There is a war going on between King Hornwald of the Owls and King Inotius of the Snakes. It has raged for 40 years. However, Hornwald's son Oswald is friends with Inotius's son Cornelius. Oswald and Cornelius have started a secret society called "Operation: End the Feud" (OEF) that is made up of allied snakes and owls, trying to make peace between the two dynasties.

If you join this roleplay, you are a part of OEF. In the roleplay, you will take part in OEF meetings and attempt to convince your fellow citizens to make peace. You can also be a royal authority in either dynasty that attempts to end OEF.

Have fun!

(By the way, I'm Cornelius and Oswald)
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