Official Roleplay Rules and Regulations - PLEASE READ

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Official Roleplay Rules and Regulations - PLEASE READ Empty Official Roleplay Rules and Regulations - PLEASE READ

Post by Pollytoad on Thu Nov 05, 2009 7:25 pm

Follow ALL these rules when RPing. If you see anyone disobeying the rules, REPORT THEM.

1. Keep all vioIence to a minimal. It is fine to have some but let's not make a huge scene. Keep it PG.

2. Keep romance to only hugging and kissing. Nothing else.

3. No fighting amongst members - respect those in this area at all times. Should you have a problem, report it.

4. No blatantly aduIt content.
Language most be appropriate. Discussion of bodily functions is not allowed. All content must be suitable for those as young as 10 - keep it PG.

5. Remember this is not a chat area ... stick to character and leave the chat in The Café.

6. Youtube links are not allowed.

7. You may not use red or blue ink, as they are reserved for mods.

8. When your character is speaking, you must use quotes. When you are speaking out of character, you need to use ( ) as in (I've got to leave.) or (What did I miss?) This is common courtesy in role-plays. If you do not follow this rule and have been warned several times, you may be banned from role-plays for a week.

9. Always use your best spelling, grammar, etc. We don't expect you to be perfect. We all make typos or have trouble spelling certain words. That's ok. It's not ok to make frequent typos, spelling, or grammar errors simply out of laziness.

10. Powerplaying and godmoding are strictly prohibited. Powerplaying means you are controlling the movements, thoughts, or actions of the character around you.

Godmoding is when you portray your character as an unbeatable, all powerful and almighty being who is flawless in every way possible.

11. No smoklng or alcohol or any other thing like that.

12. Role-playing needs to take place on the threads. It is not allowed by pm or on profiles.
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