[SOLVED] Need help choosing a character name!

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[SOLVED] Need help choosing a character name! Empty [SOLVED] Need help choosing a character name!

Post by DoggieGirl808 on Wed Dec 30, 2009 6:28 pm


This can be locked if needed =)

I'm gonna be writing a Kingdom Hearts fan fic, and I need help choosing a name for the main character, a girl who joined Originaztion XIII and was the thirteenth member before Roxas joined.

Oh and it HAS to have an 'x' somewhere in the name. It doesn't have to be a real name, but I'd like it to sound cool and unique (but nothing weird like Xigbar xD). Here are some I've come up with:

Xenon (pronounced ZEE-NAWN)
Xena (not warrior princess; pronounced ZEE-NUH)
Xiana (pronounced ZEE-AWW-NUH; or ZEE-ANNE-UH)
Lexa (pronounced LEX-UH; seriously considering this one)

The X doesn't have to be the first letter in the name, but it has to be in there somewhere. To help, this is what she's like:

Name: ?
Age: 17 possibly, but I'm not completely sure yet
Looks: Long, soft brown hair that comes to mid-back, piercing bright blue eyes, tall, fair skinned, skinny but not anorexic.
Personality: Down to earth, and very sweet. But, she can be very sassy sometimes and is full of spunk. If she wasn't able to collect hearts, Xemnas probably would have desposed of her long ago because of her ability to manipulate everyone to get her own way. Even though she's a Nobody, she almost seems to have a heart. No one has actually admitted to it, but it's obvious that pretty much everyone thinks she's the most beautiful girl they've ever seen, and she uses that to her advantage. She's also very musical, and has the voice of an angel. After a mission, her favorite thing to do would involve ice cream and chilling out with friends.
Weapon: A long magic sword, in a blue that perfectly matches her gorgeous eyes. It can transform into any of the weapons (Demyx's sitar, Marluxia's sythe, etc.) that the other Orginization members have. And even better, it collects the hearts of the heartless she destroys.
Closest Friends: Axel, Larxene, Demyx, etc...

I'm hoping to start writing this before New Years, so I'd really love some suggestions for her name. Thanks in advance!

-Doggie Razz
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