Dayna Conville's conversation on December 17, 2009

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Dayna Conville's conversation on December 17, 2009 Empty Dayna Conville's conversation on December 17, 2009

Post by Andric310 on Sat Dec 19, 2009 7:39 pm

I, Dayna Conville was bored as usual. I had to wait for a ride home. It was only 3:00 and my ride was at 3:30. I know that Drew Powers and Peter Ericson, the guys I like, go to Mr. Reeka's classroom. Mr. Reeka was Drew and Peter's teacher in grade six.

Mr. Reeka: Hi there!

Dayna (does Peter Ericson's voice): Hi! I watched a movie today!

Mr. Reeka: Was it good?

Dayna: Yeah. *does a Drew Powers laugh*

Mr. Reeka: You like to laugh much.

*Peter Ericson comes in*

Dayna: (Better get back to my own voice.)

Mr. Reeka: You know her? She laughs a lot!

Ashley, Peter's teacher (outside Mr. Reeka's classroom): Your room would be a better choice for cleaning.

Dayna: My classroom is a mess. Well, yesterday it was. Someone else had to clean it up!

Peter: Why not Mr. Reeka's room?

Mr. Reeka: He can clean this room if he wants to.

Ashley: No, really. My room is a better place to clean! *Ashley leaves*

Dayna: My room is a mess.

Peter: I just sleep in it.

Dayna: I watched three movies in a week.

Peter: I watched five.

Dayna: (...)

Mr. Reeka (writing a Christmas card): How do you spell Michael?

Peter: You don't know how to spell Michael?

Mr. Reeka: Just tell me how to spell it.

Peter: You are writing a Christmas card? What a waste of time. You even have the time to do it!

*Ashley comes back. She's in the hall, just outside of Mr. Reeka's room.*

Peter: Ashley! He doesn't know how to spell Michael!

Dayna: I know how to spell it!

Mr. Reeka: How?

Dayna: M-I-C-H...

Mr. Reeka: A-E-L?

Dayna: I think so.

Mr. Reeka: Oh boy.

Peter: Is this card for me?

Mr. Reeka: No it isn't.

Peter (reading the Christmas card): To Michael and Jen. Is Jen Mrs. Swift?

Mr. Reeka: Yes it is.

Mr. Reeka: I used to live near you, Peter. That time I didn't know you yet.

Peter: Thanks a lot for leaving!

Dayna: My cousin lives close to me.

Peter: Mine lives in the south. He's a... you know.

Mr. Reeka: What do you plan on doing when the winter break starts?

Peter: I have no life.

Mr. Reeka: You just stay at home?

Dayna: I don't go outside.

Mr. Reeka: You guys have something in common.

Dayna: (Well that's good to know!)

Mr. Reeka goes to his desk. There was something that looks like yellow coleslaw (I think) and maybe chocolate. I'm not sure.

Mr. Reeka picks up the coleslaw.

Mr. Reeka: Want this?

Peter: What's that? Looks like I'm gonna throw up!

Mr. Reeka: How about this? (He's talking about the chocolate.)

Peter: No thanks.

Dayna: (Is that chocolate or am I wrong? How could you say no to such a thing?)

Mr. Reeka (found some stuff on the floor): What's this? I better throw it away.

Mr. Reeka throws the stuff away and goes back to his classroom. He found an agenda and put it back on a desk.

Mr. Reeka: Do you plan on going to the games room or the dance? (Peter goes to the games room)

Dayna: I'm going to the dance.

Mr. Reeka: I thought you were going to the games room.

Peter: It's like Sausage Fest in there. All guys.

Mr. Reeka: There are some girls that come.

Dayna: What type of games are in there?

Peter: Shooting. Violence and stuff.

Dayna: Oh, never mind. I would rather go to the dance.

Mr. Reeka: Let's go around the hall and give this to my friend.

So the three of us were wandering in the hall. Mr. Reeka was carrying gifts. Peter was holding Mr. Reeka's broom. We went to the gym and saw people playing.

Mr. Reeka: She's not here.

Peter: Can we talk to Bernie? (He's one of the gym teachers)

Mr. Reeka: No, not now. We have to give this to my friend, remember?

Peter: She's a gym teacher too! Why is she not in here?

Mr. Reeka: She must be in the office.

We walked to the office.

Peter: Can you put it in a box next time? It looks like you are giving her wine!

Dayna: I see.

Mr. Reeka: Yes, it's a long bag.

Dayna: It's not wine?

Mr. Reeka: Nope.

We were at the office. My friend, Marvin Gilinske, was there, near the phone.

Mr. Reeka: Hey, Gina! Here's the gift!

Gina: Thanks!

Mr. Reeka: Here's my new friend. (He's talking about me)

Marvin (goes to Mr. Reeka) : I'm your new friend. Right, Mr. Reeka?

Gina: Do you even know him?

Mr. Reeka: He's probably one of the coolest people in all of Jonny Dylan (The school we are in now).

Peter: Look at my magical broom! (He's still holding it.)

There's Drew Powers, with his jacket and a pizza box, in the hall. He looks like my old friend Josh Artemis, but he has green eyes, his hair is up (Last year, his hair was down, just like Josh's), and has a few freckles. Josh and Drew dress the same, they both wear a red sweater and they don't wear jeans. I wonder if they know each other. In the pizza box was a toy car and other stuff.

Mr. Reeka: Hey, Drew!

Drew: Hi!

Mr. Reeka: Let's go back to my classroom!

Drew, Peter, Mr. Reeka and I walked back.

Dayna: I was bored yesterday.

Mr. Reeka: Born yesterday? You grow up really fast!

Dayna: No, bored yesterday.

Mr. Reeka: She's bored. Do you have any ideas to make her not bored?

Peter: I don't know. Um... walk or something?

Dayna: We are walking now.

Peter: Speak I guess?

Dayna: We're speaking now.

We are back in Mr. Reeka's room.

Dayna: My birthday is at the end of August. Right before the beginning of school.

Peter: It could be worse if it was near Christmas!

Mr. Reeka: Yeah, you could get less gifts.

Drew: I know someone whose birthday's on Christmas.

Dayna: (Is he talking about my old friend Mandy? Maybe not, but Mandy's birthday is on Christmas.) I know someone whose birthday is two days before Christmas (My worst enemy Trevor), and on Christmas (That's Mandy).

Mr. Reeka: That's not cool.

Peter: Do you know what's bad? If you live in a foster home, you would get a fake birthday, and no one would know when your real birthday is!

Dayna: I have a question. When is your birthday, Mr. Reeka?

Mr. Reeka: Actually, I forgot.

Dayna: (How can he forget?)

Mr. Reeka: I better get going.

Peter: Bye!

I start getting my stuff. Same with Drew.

Mr. Reeka: Bye!

Drew: You're saying bye to me?

Dayna: No, me!

That was the end of the best conversation I had with Drew and Peter. Well, maybe Drew didn't talk much, but still. Without Ulysses Reeka, this conversation would never happen. This happened on December 17, 2009.
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