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Official Rules of The Scribbler Empty Official Rules of The Scribbler

Post by Pollytoad on Mon Nov 02, 2009 9:39 pm

1. No bad language. There is no reason to. If your character does, it is acceptable to say "he swore"

2. You Must Have a Maturity and Fantasy scale on the first post. If you post a story or poem or roleplay you must put this at the beginning of post after filling it out:
Maturity(kissing, dating, ext.):
Fantasy(vampires, werewolves, ext):

3. Do not post personal information.
It is fine to share your first name, age, grade, and state, but nothing else.

4. Do Not use all caps. It's just like yelling and it is very rude.

5. Please use proper grammar, punctuation, and spelling. And don't make your post short and pointless, like just smilies, unless in the proper section.

6. Do Not steal other peoples' ideas.
Always ask them first if you want to use their ideas. Fanfictions are fine, but make sure you always give credit to the original author.

7. Be Polite. Even if they say they don't mind criticism, don't be rude.

8. Do not use red or blue text. These colors are reserved for Mods and the Admin to use only.
Do Not Post youtube videos. It is OK to give a link, but that's all.

9. No Spamming.

10. No multiple posting. No Spam/Commercial advertising. You are not allowed to advertise your site outside of the "Websites" forum.

11. Do not remove any Moderated posts made by staff members.

12. No asking/begging to be a Mod or Admin.

13. No Bossing people around.
But always do what the Mods and Admin tells you to.

Report any members disobeying these rules to a Mod or Admin.

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