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    (BTW I got this off another site. All credit goes to them)

    Username123's Profile!
    (Members may/may not post on my profile)

    Real (first) name:


    School Subject:

    Least Favorites:

    School Subject:

    by Pollytoad - Comments: 3 - Views: 317
  • 20091103
    Remember No posting personal information, like city, phone number, last name, ext.
    Also do not post on other peoples profiles unless they say you can.

    Thanks everyone

    by Pollytoad - Comments: 0 - Views: 169
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    DoggieGirl808's Profile!
    (Members may post on my profile)

    Real name: Emily
    Username: DoggieGirl808
    Nickname: Doggie, I really have no real life nicknames cuz I hate being called "Em" or "Emmy", but if a real close friend calls me that, I don't tend to mind.
    Age: 13
    Birthday: September 17, 1996
    Looks: Lightish brown hair, greenish brown eyes, fair skin, tall (5 feet 6.25 inches), hair length is mid-back. =)


    Food: CHOCOLATE!!!!
    Color: Always been blue
    Book: Do Hard...

    by DoggieGirl808 - Comments: 8 - Views: 555
  • 20100218
    .:Taylor's Profile:.

    Real name:Taylor
    Username: Taylor
    Nickname: Tay
    Age: 15
    Gender: Felmale
    Birthday: Feb 28
    Looks: Profile picture is me. Sabie always says I'm going to get stalked because I put puctures up.
    *For my future stalkers: Go stalk a hobo! Creep-o!


    Food: Tacos, pizza, potatos and...pasta, I guess
    Sport: Soccer, Baseball, lacross and vollyball
    School Subject:...

    by Taylor - Comments: 2 - Views: 206
  • 20100205
    SimplyMe's Profile!
    (Members may post on my profile)

    Real (first) name: Melissa
    Username: SimplyMe
    Nickname: Mel, Liss, Malicious, Missy, Lily
    Age: 15
    Gender: Girl
    Birthday: May 17
    Looks: Light brown hair with natural red highlights, tannish skin, green-brown eyes and kinda short.


    Food: Pasta and meatballs (:
    Sport: Field hockey ! _X_
    School Subject: Language Arts
    Color: Purple
    Book: Right now? Hmm, I'd say Shiver. But ask...

    by SimplyMe - Comments: 3 - Views: 138
  • 20100202
    Real (first) name: Sophia
    Username: Sophywophy
    Nickname: Too many to name
    Age: well.....10 but I act much more mature and I always get treated like a baby. ):
    Gender: Girl
    Birthday: July 31st
    Looks: Brown (almost black) eyes, brown hair, tall


    Food: Chocolate, pizza, hot pockets, brownies, ummmmm..
    Sport: SOFTBALL! oopsies...does that count as yelling?
    School Subject: Lunch.
    Color: Purple, blue, green
    Book: Call of the Wild
    Movie: Spirited away, Howls moving castle, Spirit, Transformers 2 ;D
    Day: May 22nd,...

    by sophywophy - Comments: 2 - Views: 159
  • 20091113
    Finally, I made a profile.

    Real (first) name: Angel
    Username: Andric310
    Nickname: I don't have one
    Age: 13
    Gender: Female
    Birthday: August 31
    Looks: Black hair and brown eyes


    Food: Popcorn, pizza, brownies
    Sport: I don't have one
    School Subject: Art
    Color: Blue
    Book: I like lots
    Movie: Don't know
    Day: Lots here. May 19, July 2, August 31, September 14, November 13, December 25.
    Month: June, August, and December
    Animal: Dog
    Smile: Don't know
    Holiday: Christmas

    by Andric310 - Comments: 2 - Views: 249
  • 20091126
    OK, I'm Alex, and this is the blog of my perfect world. Its TOTALLY imaginary, well, except for some parts. But other than that, just my dreams, hopes and wishes!

    OK, its midnight and I've been up all night, studying for my test. Its pretty simple, but with my grades I can't afford to miss a single question. I guess you can call me average when it comes to school, not a brainiac or anything, but I just don't try. BTW I scored 70 on an online IQ test, next to Albert Einsteins 107. I guess I'm pretty average...

    by Maggie - Comments: 0 - Views: 193
  • 20091117
    Switchfoot's Profile!
    (Members may post on my profile)

    Real (first) name: Chloe
    Username: Switchfoot
    Nickname: idk...
    Age: 12
    Gender: female
    Birthday: January 25
    Looks: Short layered brown hair, brown eyes, glasses, 5 ft 1 in


    Food: pizza, butterfinger, Bacon :9
    Sport: basketball, soccer (I only played it once, and I really want to play it but I can't)
    School Subject: umm.... I guess history.
    Color: green
    Book: H.I.V.E and Harry Potter (I <3 to read!)
    Movie: Bed Time Stories and...

    by Switchfoot - Comments: 4 - Views: 200
  • 20091109
    Amenia's Profile!
    ( Members May post on my profile.
    Or it'll look plain! )

    Real name: 雯静。 ...I'm not kidding. xD It's Mandy in English
    Username: Ameennniiiaaaaa. Er, just Amenia.
    Nicknames: Mena, Ame, A.
    Age: 17 (>> It seems I'm the oldest around..I hope not..)
    Gender: Last time I checked, female.
    Birthday: January 25
    Looks: Er. Ugly. Er, Okay..Uhhh..Black hair. Brown eyes. Glasses. Have been told I look like...

    by Amenia - Comments: 17 - Views: 312
  • 20091111
    .::L♥VE's PROFILE!::.
    (Members may post on my profile)

    Real (first) name: Rayne(I go by Megan though..)
    Username: L♥️VE
    Nickname: Raynie, Megan, Meggy, Love
    Age: 13 (and a half on December 13th..)
    Gender: Female
    Birthday: 06/13/1996
    Looks: Brown hair with some highlights...

    by L♥VE - Comments: 1 - Views: 172
  • 20091113
    ☺:⋆:Smile-Kun's Profile :⋆:☺
    (Members may post on my profile!)

    .•:*´¨`*:•. ::General::.•:*´¨`*:•.
    Real (first) name: Jamie!
    Username: Smile-Kun
    Nickname: Smile, James, Aqua, Cash, Ima, Rainbows. ( I have many nicknames. )

    by Smile-Kun - Comments: 1 - Views: 204
  • 20091109
    .::Pollytoad's Profile::.
    Members May Post.

    Real (first) name: Tessa
    Username: Pollytoad
    Nickname: Tess, Polly, Tessa
    Age: 15
    Gender: Female
    Birthday: June 26th
    Looks: ehh... blue/green/grey (with a...

    by Pollytoad - Comments: 11 - Views: 250

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